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Our Mission and Vision


Our Mission

Our mission is to help homeless families in the Yellowstone Valley area to achieve and sustain independence through a community-based response. We believe that every family deserves a safe and secure home, and we work tirelessly to provide them with the resources and support they need to break the cycle of homelessness.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a community in which every homeless family in the Yellowstone Valley area has access to safe and affordable housing, as well as the resources and support they need to achieve long-term stability and independence. We believe that by working together as a community, we can reduce homelessness and ensure that every family has the opportunity to build a better future.

Family Promise Statement on Equality and Non-Discrimination: 

Family Promise serves families of all compositions. We welcome everyone in the community to be part of the solution to empower families experiencing homelessness, and ultimately, retain and regain the safety, security, and opportunity that comes with having a home.

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