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Emergency Shelter Program

Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley provides a rotational shelter program for homeless families in the community. Our warm hospitality and comprehensive case management services form the foundation of our emergency shelter program.


As a non-profit organization, we understand the importance of community resources in addressing family homelessness. We work with community partners to provide targeted services to families of all compositions at a fraction of the cost of traditional shelter. Our emergency shelter program has a success rate of 94% in securing housing for families. We also have an 86% success rate of helping families make sustainable change and staying housed after 6 years. 

How Our Emergency Shelter Program Works

Our emergency shelter program relies on existing space in the community, such as congregations to serve as temporary homes for homeless families. We also provide a day center where families can receive case management, take showers, and look for housing and jobs. With the help of volunteers, we provide meals and hospitality to families in need. Volunteers are the core of our program and share their passion and expertise to help families get back on their feet.


A Community Response to Homelessness

Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley believes in a holistic and effective approach to addressing family homelessness. By bringing the community together, we can target the root causes of poverty and homelessness on a local level. We have created numerous community initiatives, including housing programs and homelessness prevention, to address these issues.

Our Long-Term Solution

Our emergency shelter program is not just a short-term fix for family homelessness. By keeping families together and identifying their strengths, we partner with the community to find long-term solutions. Our approach not only helps families stay stably housed, but it also provides a cost-saving to the community.

The Bottom Line

Family Promise of Yellowstone Valley changes lives. We are proud to have served hundreds of parents and children in the community, giving them the ability to realize their true potential. We rely on the support of volunteers and community partners to make a meaningful impact on family homelessness in our community.

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